The healthiest yogurt brands, according to dietitians In USA  

You're not incorrect in doing so—it has protein, probiotics, and healthy fats all in one.   

 Siggi's Whole Milk Skyr Siggi’s is made without artificial sweeteners or artificial flavorings. 

The rich texture of this version stands out, as Siggi’s uses four times the amount of milk as a regular cup of yogurt, making it thick and protein-rich.

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Each serving has 230 calories, 25 grams of protein, and 6 grams of sugar with 0 grams added sugar.

Nature's Fynd Nature's Fynd is the “new and exciting” yogurt brand on the market, Hadley says.

 “Their dairy-free yogurt is actually made from fungi and provides eight grams of protein and a whopping four grams of gut-friendly fiber,” she says. 

Siggi's Plant Based Sweetened Plain Yogurt Another winner from Siggi’s—like all of the company’s products, the plant 

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