The most popular dog breeds, ranked In USA  

From rescues to purebreds and everything in between, there is a dog out there for everyone, and many need a loving home that they can call their own.  

Bloodhound Bloodhounds can follow scents over miles of terrain, which can make them difficult to walk 

so you need to be as fit as your pup to keep up. This breed is otherwise easy-going, friendly and loyal. 

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Dalmatian Dalmatians are best known for their eye-catching spotted coats and their history of serving as fire dogs. 

They're natural born athletes, with a muscular build that was selectively bred for guarding horses and coaches. 

Australian Cattle Dog Take a step on the wild side with an Australian cattle dogs. They're distantly related to the Australian dingo, a quick-moving wild dog. 

Australian cattle dogs are strong, agile, and quick as a whip. They're known for outsmarting their owners, even those well-versed in dog training.  

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