The World's Most Gorgeous Dog Breeds from the USA  

Samoyed Part of the Working Group, the Samoyed has a buttery soft undercoat with a harsher outer coat.

Collie The Collie's regal appearance, luscious coat, and tri-colored markings make them one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

Australian Shepard Aussies are as beautiful as they are popular!

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In 2023, 10 states chose it as their favorite breed and nine other states listed the Austrian Shepard as their second favorite.

Doberman Sleek and slender, the elegant Doberman is a top contender for the most beautiful dog breed in the world.

Pomeranian Quite the contrast to our last dog breed, Pomeranians are beautiful in a different way!

Their fluffy fur, petite figure, and sparkling personality make them a fan favorite for families.

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