There are still three rare dime and a rare bicentennial quarter valued at $90 million each in circulation. 

These tangible pieces of history, often adorned with intricate designs and steeped in stories, carry a value far beyond their denomination.  

Among the myriad of coins circulating in the world, some stand out not just for their historical significance, but for their scarcity and staggering value. 

In recent years, the numismatic community has been abuzz with the discovery of three rare dimes and a bicentennial quarter, each valued at a jaw-dropping $90 million.  

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What makes these coins so special, and how have they managed to elude detection for so long? 

The story begins with the humble dime, a coin that often goes unnoticed in everyday transactions.  

Minted in the early 1970s, these coins bear a unique combination of features that distinguish them from their common counterparts. 

From the alignment of the date and mint mark to subtle variations in the design, each aspect has been scrutinized by experts in search of authenticity. 

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