These dog breeds are great for older people.  

Lifestyle is perhaps the most important—how does your lifestyle compare to the breeds you like?   

Bichon Frise Bichons believe huge things come in small packages. These personality-filled little creatures stand around a foot tall at the shoulder.  

A Bichon is like a marshmallow or puffy jacket, so caressing or snuggling them is impossible to resist.  

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French Bulldog This breed makes a smart, playful pet that won't wear you out  

French Bulldogs are heavy and ugly-cute with big ears and wrinkled features. They bark rarely and need only a daily walk, making them ideal for tiny homes.   

Greyhound With adequate care, the magnificent Greyhound is a graceful sprinter that will win your heart.  

They will never pass up the chance to show off their speed and hunting skills, even for a tennis ball. Greyhounds need exercise and leg stretching.  

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