Things You Should Never Do in the USA at a Cruise Buffet   

However, with the communal nature of buffet dining, it’s important to be mindful of buffet etiquette to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Use the Same Plate When you go back for seconds at a buffet, it’s important to use a new plate.

This is for sanitary reasons, so you don’t inadvertently spread your germs to the buffet.

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Use the Same Serving Utensil on Several Dishes When serving yourself at a cruise buffet, it’s important to avoid cross-contamination of food.

If you are scooping food out from one dish using a serving utensil, don’t reuse the same utensil to scoop out food from another dish.

Not Wash Your Hands When serving yourself at a buffet, it’s important to wash your hands before eating.

Cruise lines have made it easy for passengers to keep the buffet clean by installing handwashing stations and hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of buffets. 

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