This Is USA's Greatest Sweet Potato Cooking Method  

My approach is this: If I’m already making something I eat often, I’ll double the recipe so I have more to enjoy all week long. 

The Best Way To Cook Sweet Potatoes Growing up, I hated sweet potatoes. I weep for the time I missed with these

sweet tubers now that I know how good they can be, but at the time no one around me was doing them much justice. 

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Once I started making sweet potatoes myself, I learned that a simple roast is best.

The trick is how you prep them: instead of roasting them whole or diced, slice them in half lengthwise.

This means they’ll cook much quicker than whole potatoes, and they’ll get some caramelization while still staying moist.

After washing, I cut the sweet potatoes in half lengthwise and rub them with a few tablespoons of olive oil before placing them, cut side down

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