Top American Ingredients To Improve Your Fried Eggs  

Anchovies To some people, anchovies sound less than appealing, but they can actually seriously upgrade your fried eggs. 

By melting some anchovies in butter or oil before frying your eggs, you'll provide a salty, super-satisfying flavor base for your fried eggs.

Fish Sauce Let's be honest: Fish sauce can make just about anything taste better, and eggs are no exception.

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Fish sauce is actually also made from anchovies, which is what gives it its signature salty, savory profile.

Wine Vinegar You don't need a fridge full of ingredients to find something that will pair well with your fried eggs. 

Sometimes, all it takes to make top-notch fried eggs is some wine vinegar (you can use red or white — whatever you have on hand).

Chili Crisp There's one ingredient that can basically guarantee that you'll be happy with the final result: chili crisp

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