Two of the Most Priceless Standing Liberty Quarters, Approximately $100 Million USD 

Among the myriad of coins cherished by collectors, the Standing Liberty Quarter holds a special place.  

But within this realm of numismatic treasure, there exist two specimens so rare, so exceptional, that their combined value surpasses the staggering sum of $100 million USD.  

These coins are not just artifacts of a bygone era; they are testaments to the enduring fascination with numismatic rarities. 

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The Standing Liberty Quarter, introduced in 1916, was a departure from its predecessor, the Barber Quarter. 

Its elegant design, crafted by renowned sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil, features Lady Liberty standing in a pose of strength and grace, holding a shield in her left hand and an olive branch in her right.  

The reverse side depicts a majestic eagle in flight. This iconic design captured the essence of America's spirit during a time of great change. 

However, amidst the millions of Standing Liberty Quarters minted during its production, two coins stand out as the most coveted among collectors worldwide.  

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