Two of the Most Priceless Standing Liberty Quarters, Approximately $200 Million USD 

Known for its striking design and historical significance, the Standing Liberty Quarter has captured the fascination of collectors and historians alike.  

However, two particular specimens of this iconic coin stand out, not only for their rarity but also for their staggering valuation, estimated to be approximately $200 million USD collectively. 

The Standing Liberty Quarter was introduced in 1916, designed by renowned sculptor Hermon Atkins MacNeil.  

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Its obverse features Lady Liberty standing confidently with her right hand extended, holding a shield representing defensive readiness, while her left hand holds an olive branch symbolizing peace.  

The reverse displays a majestic eagle in flight, evoking the spirit of freedom and strength. 

Despite its captivating design, the Standing Liberty Quarter underwent modifications shortly after its release due to public outcry over the depiction of Liberty's exposed breast, which was deemed inappropriate for circulation. 

Among the various issues and mintages of the Standing Liberty Quarter, two specimens stand out for their rarity and historical significance.  

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