Uncommon Bicentennial Quarter Approximately $65 Million: 5 Additional Worth Above $25 Million USD 

Each coin tells a story, a glimpse into history, culture, and the craftsmanship of its time. 

Among the most coveted are those with unique attributes or historical significance, fetching astonishing prices at auctions.  

The recent buzz in the numismatic world revolves around a rare Bicentennial quarter, speculated to be worth nearly $65 million, adding another chapter to the saga of valuable coins.  

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But this isn't the only coin to command such a staggering price tag; here are five more worth over $25 million USD. 

Dubbed the "King of American Coins," the 1804 Silver Dollar holds a special place in numismatic lore. 

Despite its name, no dollars bearing the date 1804 were minted in that year. Instead, they were struck several decades later as diplomatic gifts for Asian rulers.  

Only 15 of these coins are known to exist, with one fetching a record-breaking $10 million at auction. 

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