Unusual Bicentennial Coin: $55K Worth + 7 Additional $1,500+ Gems! Every One Is Still in Use  

These quarters can be identified by their distinct silver appearance and lack of the usual copper-nickel cladding.  

While the chances of finding one in your pocket change are slim, some lucky individuals have stumbled upon these treasures, with some fetching prices upwards of $55,000 in auctions and private sales. 

This coin exhibits strong doubling on the date and other parts of the design, making it highly sought after by collectors. 

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During the transition from copper-nickel to copper-plated zinc coinage, a few dimes were mistakenly struck without mint marks.  

These rare dimes, particularly those in uncirculated condition, can fetch prices upwards of $2,000. 

An error in the die created an extra leaf on the ear of corn on some Wisconsin state quarters minted in Denver.  

While not as valuable as the Bicentennial Quarter, these error coins can still sell for around $1,500 or more. 

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