Unusual Bicentennial Quarter: Six More Worth Over $160,000 USD 

Some narratives are widely known, while others remain hidden, waiting to be discovered by the keen eye of collectors and enthusiasts.  

Among the myriad of coins circulating in the United States, the Bicentennial Quarter holds a special place.  

While the majority of Bicentennial Quarters are readily found in circulation, a select few stand out due to their rarity and unique characteristics. 

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Among the most coveted errors in coin collecting, the Double Die Obverse occurs when the die used to strike the coin creates a double image. 

One such Bicentennial Quarter, with a pronounced doubling effect on the obverse side, sold at auction for a staggering $195,500 USD.  

This error, caused by a misalignment during the minting process, is exceptionally rare and highly sought after by collectors. 

Mint marks play a crucial role in identifying the origin of a coin's production.  

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