US Foods That You Should Give Up Eating as You Age  

The older generations should try to avoid the 16 foods on this list. They will not benefit you in quite the same way as they did when you were younger!

Fiber-rich cereals People who have trouble digesting will choose fiber-rich cereals, which conveniently have 

a few nutrients that make it look like a healthy option. However, fiber-rich cereals often contain lots of sodium.

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Most fiber-rich cereals are also high in sodium, though you won’t find out until you read the nutrition label carefully.

Low-sodium soups The problem with low-sodium soups or any other food is that they attract people who want to eat heartily.

However, low-sodium foods aren’t always healthy, and they can be dangerous for people who need a higher sodium intake.

White bread The sliced white bread that you buy in the grocery store is not healthy.

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