US Foods You Were Made To Eat As A Child  

This list of 15 childhood favorites may surprise you, but it’s worth taking a second look at these foods with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Overcooked Vegetables Growing up, you might have faced the dreaded plate of overboiled vegetables.

Whether it was Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or carrots, their mushy texture and lack of flavor could turn anyone off.

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Dry Chicken Chicken, a versatile and healthy protein, can easily become unpalatable when overcooked.

Many families, concerned about food safety, erred on the side of caution, resulting in chicken that was tough and dry. 

Instant Mashed Potatoes The convenience of instant mashed potatoes might have been a staple in some households, but it comes at a cost. 

Canned Soup Casseroles The use of canned soups as a casserole base is a time-honored family shortcut, but it often results in a salty

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