Simple American Breakfast Recipes to Prepare for Mom   

These homemade waffles are great with any kind of topping: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, fried apples, powdered sugar or whipped topping.

Cheese and Fresh Herb Quiche With herbs from the garden to use, I created a quiche with basil,

parsley and dill along with feta, Swiss, Gruyere and mozzarella. Goat cheese is also yummy. 

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Fresh Corn Omelet I throw in homegrown corn and from-scratch salsa when I make this super summertime omelet. 

Sprinkle on onions, mushrooms, peppers and breakfast meat to customize it.

Almond-Vanilla Yogurt Parfaits When I get home, I make a crunchy parfait with yogurt for a protein boost before heading off to a good day’s sleep.

Breakfast Egg Casserole My husband and I raise ducks, so I create recipes using lots of eggs. 

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