USA Food Truck Replica Recipes  

The Best Baby Back Ribs I first marinate each rack of ribs, then add a zesty rub before grilling them. 

Sloppy Joe Dogs There are so many different ways to top a hot dog, but this tasty sloppy joe version beats them all. 

Chicken Street Tacos with Corn-Jicama Salsa Here’s a light, speedy meal you can enjoy anytime.

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Preparation is so simple—there’s nothing to it. These chicken street tacos are quite tasty, and adding jicama to the salsa boosts the nutritional value.

Traditional Funnel Cakes When I was in high school, I made these funnel cakes every Sunday after church for my family.

They are crisp and tender, just like the kind we always ate at the state fair.

 add a zesty rub before grilling them. They always turn out moist and flavorful.

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