USA's Top Dog Breeds to Consider If You Also Own A Cat  

In contrast, Terriers, hounds, and herding breeds may present more challenges due to their hunting and chasing genetics. 

Basset Hound Basset hounds are renowned for their exceptional suitability as cat friends due to their inherent patience and serene demeanor.

This trait extends to their interactions with other animals, developing a reputation for amiability and tolerance.

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Beagle Beagles exude an infectious zest for life, creating a perspective integrating cats into their familial framework. 

Beagles' capacity to overlook disparities ensures they extend equitable treatment to any cat they encounter.

Bulldog Renowned for their inclusiveness, Bulldogs stand as stalwart ambassadors of acceptance within the animal realm, extending warmth

and regard to all beings they encounter. Bulldogs embody gentleness and amiability, attracting cats who appreciate their benevolent spirit and tranquility.

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