USA's Top Quietest Dog Breeds    

For potential pet owners who live in apartments or just like peace and quiet, the following quietest dog breeds may be for you. 

Japanese Chin The Japanese Chin has been described as “cat-like.” While they are cautious and observant, they will not bark much.

The Chin makes a great apartment dog and is a wonderful addition to any family but does better in a house with older children. 

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Borzoi Another dog that many describe as having cat-like characteristics, the borzoi has a quiet, regal quality.

These polite, reserved dogs require early socialization with people and other animals to overcome their inherent shyness.

Basenji The Basenji is so quiet, it’s known as the “barkless dog.” When they need attention, they let you know with a cooing yodel. 

Akita Dubbed the “Silent Hunter,” Akitas are known to be still. However, when it comes to guarding the family, they and their voices will rise to the occasion

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