Why Is A Kennedy Half-Dollar from 1964 So Rare? 

Instead, the obverse featured a striking portrait of President Kennedy, created by renowned sculptor Gilroy Roberts. 

The reverse depicted the Presidential Seal, designed by Frank Gasparro, symbolizing Kennedy's tenure in office. 

Despite its commemorative significance, the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar's rarity stems from a unique circumstance tied to its composition.  

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The coins minted in 90% silver were intended for circulation, while those in 40% silver were marketed to collectors in special mint sets. 

However, the unexpected demand for the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar led to an extraordinary turn of events.  

Amidst a nationwide frenzy to acquire mementos of the fallen president, millions of these coins disappeared from circulation, hoarded by collectors and admirers.  

Consequently, the scarcity of the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar in its 90% silver composition contributed to its status as a rare and sought-after coin. 

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