Why Seasoning Homemade French Fries Too Soon Is a Mistake (USA)  

Salt is one of the key things that make fries so tasty, but the effect can be lackluster if you don't understand how it functions

and adding salt at the wrong time is one of the most common mistakes everyone makes when making fries

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when cooking with salt is adding it to hot oil. Salt can actually break down the oil and strip its reusability. 

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To put a confusing science explanation simply, an ionic compound (like salt) ages oil by lowering the smoke point

Salting french fries too early increases their chances of getting limp and mushy, no matter the cooking method.

Although soaking potatoes in salt water before cooking draws out and enhances their natural flavors, it's best to avoid the technique when making homemade fries. 

Due to osmosis, salt actually extracts moisture from inside the potatoes and leaves them limp. 

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